Winter Wonderland Curtains

Winter Wonderland Net Curtains, Curtains and Blinds

Britain has become a bit of a winter wonderland over the last few days and we have been inspired by the scenes around us to think about curtains, net curtains and blinds that fit in with a winter wonderland theme.

We have also been inspired by the pictures that we have received from our customers, showing the winter wonderland scenes where they live. Here is a selection!

A beautiful sunset in the snow

A rather treacherous looking snow-covered road

A stunning view of snow capped mountains

A puppy encountering snow for the first time!

An unusual looking tree in the snow

The stunning Blickling Hall in Norfolk

Birds in the snow

Sun over a lake

A beautiful lake in the snow

A snow-covered field

A pyramid in the snow

A beautiful woodland scene

A snow covered tree

Trees in the snow

Berries in the snow

A snowboarding snowman

So, here is a selection of our net curtains, curtains and blinds that remind us of these beautiful winter scenes.

The Emily While Embroidered Voile features a beautiful design that is reminiscent of snowflakes.

The China White Roller Blinds remind us of the crisp snow and will look stunning in any room – they can work with lots of different colours for your interior design.

The Galaxy Silver Lined Voile Curtain has a beautiful pattern of silver starbursts, reminding us of the sun shining on the snow and making it sparkle.

ALthough the Sienna Duck Egg Lined Curtains are predominantly blue, we love the silver pattern that runs across the top of the curtains.

Finally, the glamour silver silk curtains catch the light in a beautiful way and remind us of the beautiful effect of sun shining on crisp, snow.

Would you choose use curtains, net curtains and blinds inspired by picturesque winter scenes? Which is your favourite photograph of the snow? Let us know on our facebook page, our google+ page or tweet us!

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