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How much gather do I need for Net curtains

Choosing the right gather for your Net curtains, voile's and heavier curtains is an important thing to get right. It is entirely up to the you as the customer what you choose as everyone has different preferences but the most popular by far is Double gather.

When you have chosen your design we recommend scrolling slightly down the page to look at the images of how that design looks in each gather. A curtain with less gather will offer less privacy and will cost less as there is less fabric involved. This is the reverse for more gather, more gather equates to more privacy but comes with a higher cost.

Below is an example of the different gathers we offer

Macey different gathers

As a rule the busier the pattern the less gather we would recommend, double gather or even two & half is fine but when you start to go over this with a heavily patterned design it doesn't show off the pattern to its fullest so we would suggest a plainer fabric for anything over these gathers. This can be seen by comparing gather 3 on the images above and below

Claire Butterfly

A curtain with single gather when hanging will be a piece of fabric completely flat like glass, measuring the width you enter an no extra. We have found that Curtains with a single gather are more commonly used for glass panels in a front door or if a customer knows the exact finished fabric width they require.

Want more than triple gather?

This is perfectly fine, our website only allows triple gather but there is an easy work around for this. Simply take the width of the window and times that by the gather you would like and then enter it as a single gather onto the website. for example, your window is 100CM wide and you would like 4X gather. You would enter window width as 400CM with single gather to get the desierd gather.

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