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How to Wash Net Curtains and Voile's

Can I wash my Net Curtains or Voile's

This is a Question we often get from our customers and sometimes people who have never shopped with us before.

All of our products that are handmade by us here, are shipped with washing instructions sewn into the top of each product, these are usually located at the top left of the curtain under the bottom row of stitching. If you can't find these, don't worry.

  • We recommend all of our Net curtains & voile's be hand washed in cool soapy water.
  • Many new washing machines have a setting on them advertising a Net curtains setting, despite this we still suggest hand washing only. There's no doubt the machines can do the job however we feel that when it comes to nets & Voile's that all of the rolling an twisting that goes on inside a washing machine can lead to stretched or misshaped curtains when they come out and in some cases tares.

When it comes to ironing your curtains we recommend ironing them on the low setting on your iron with a small amount of steam if necessary.

Occasionally we are asked if you can use one of the hand held steamers to freshen up your fabric. This shouldn't be a problem as long as you don't use to high heat and for a prolonged period of time.

We do not recommend using any harsh cleaning products such as bleach or anything that may damage or stain your fabric. If you get a stain or dirty mark on your curtains we suggest using a prewash fabric spray before you wash them to get the best results.

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