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Ellie White Cafe Net Curtains

Labelled and packaged individually

Slotted top in the Cafe net, they can be fitted with a tension rod or net wire

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    Window Ref
    The window reference is the window you will be fitting your cafe net curtains in. For example this may be Kitchen, Lounge or Small Bedroom. We label all curtains when they are dispatched. If you order more than one curtain the window reference helps you. So you know which window to hang each curtain in.
    Window Width
    Simply measure your window width across. If you are covering part of a window. The window width will be the width of the rod or wire you are going to hang the curtain on.
    Cafe Curtain Height
    This is the Flat height of the cafe net curtain. All of our cafe nets finish 1 cm above the net wire. If your wire is in fixed position and you can not move it we recommend you measure from the window sill to 1cm (0.5 inch) above the top of the wire, enter this as your Cafe Curtain Height
    Gather - Gather is the difference between the window width and the width of the fabric for the curtains. All the pictures on the website show double gather this is also our recommended option. So for example if your window width is 100cm your fabric width would be 200cm.



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Size: 137cm x 117cm

The Ellie Cafe net is a good selling design of net curtains.   Simple plain net with a double envelope hem of approximately 15cm. Ellie is also available with a leaded weight hem and as Fire retardent fabric which, is exactly the same fabric as Ellie but has been treated so that it is fire retardent, and also has a leaded weight hem.




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26th June 2019
Just what I wanted.Brightens up the kitchen! And sent very promptly too.
Julie Ramsden
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