10 Benefits of Net Curtains

Some people think that net curtains are old fashioned and a thing of the past. However at Woodyatt Curtains we simply know this is not the case.

Browse below 10 great benefits to having Net Curtains:

 10 benefits of net curtains

Net Curtains Benefits Number 1

 No 1. Home Safety and Crime Prevention

Forget Wailing burglar Alarms and fierce dogs. Net Curtains have been cited as one of Britain's front line defences against burglary, as they act as an obstacle to your valuables - preventing potential burglars from being able to see into your come.

By restricting the view from outside, net curtains can prevent opportunistic burglaries and help keep your possessions safe, so close the curtains!



Net Curtains Benefits No 2

No 2. Privacy From Nosey Neighbours

Maintaining a high level of privacy is something we all want when we're in our homes, and there's little more irratating than a nosey neighbour peering over the garden wall to see what you and your family are up to.

By restricting the view from outside, net curtains can make sure tat those nosey neighbours can't see into your home, meaning you can get up to whatever you like in private.


Net Curtains Benefits 3

Let Lots of Light into the room

Unlike traditional curtains, net curtains can stop people being able to see into your home, whilst still letting a lot of light into the room.

This makes them a fantastic option for people who want to retain their privacy and stop others being able to see their possessions, without having to also block out the sunshine..


Benefits 4

Can Help People who have Asthma

Hosehold curtains can harbour tens of thousands of microscopic dust mites, which can cause a wide range of allergic reactions - including asthma. The official advice is to wash curtains a minimum of once every six months (more of asthma sufferers)

Net Curtains are easily washable - far more so than standard curtains - and are therefore an ideal choice for asthma sufferers.

benefits 5

Can Help People who have Hayfever

Suffering from hayfever can make the summer months a real chore and take the joy out of sunshine-filled days. Those suffering from severe hayfever even have to spend entire sunny days at home to avoid the pollen.

The official advice is to stay indoors with your windows closed, but net curtains allow you to keep the windows open and still prevent pollen from entering the home.

Benefits 6

Easy to fit in under a minute

Curtains can be a nightmare to fit, but net curtains don't involve any drilling or screwing, making them a breeze to install. A slpring loaded tension rod means they can be fitted in under a minute, making them an ideal choice for those less than confident about their DIY skills.

To install, you simply slikde the rod through the curtain, which has two ros of stitches.

please hand wash in sink

Easy to Clean, Easy to Hand Wash in a sink

We recommend all our made to measure nets and voiles are hand washed in lukewarm water and then drip dried. Please read the washing instructions that are posted with the nets and voiles. 

Once they have been washed, instead of ironing them. It is easier to hang them up when they are a bit wet and let them dry naturally when at the window. This is great as you will not see any creases in the fabric.

Benefits 8

Wide Selection of Designs Available

When you think of net curtains you might think that there's only one style available, but that simply isn't the case.

There are a wide selection to contemporary. So no matter what your taste or the style of the room your're looking to decorate, there will be a design of net curtains available to suit your own particular style.

Benefits 9

Excellent Value for Money

One of the major benefits of net curtains is the proce - they're extremely affordable and represent superb value for money.

So not only do net curtains look great and offer a range of other benefits (from security to allergy protection) but they are far more cost effective than the equivalent set of blinds or curtains. If your shopping on a budget then, net curtains could be the perfect solution!

Benefits 10

Now available in different colours

Net curtains are not available in a wide range of different colours - meaning you can match the style of your room your're decorating.

Not only that, but you can choose the colour according to psycology - for example red represents passion, energy and warmth and is best suited for the dining room, where as pink is love and is best suited to the bedroom.

Bottom Benefits


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