How to measure for net curtains

It is important to have accurate measurements. You will need two window measurements the width and the height. The following instructions will help make sure your net curtain or voiles look great and fit well.

Before you start measuring, you will need a few tools: a metal tape measure – we recommend using a metal tape measure because it is more accurate and precise than a fabric one. You will also need a pen and paper.

This video explains how to correctly measure your window for net curtains when fitting them with tension rods or net wire

If you would prefer to Read our instructions instead of watching our short video, please read below.

Tape Measure and Pen

How to measure for net curtains with a slotted top for net wire or net curtain rods (most popular).

Step 1: Take your metal measuring tape and if you are fitting it inside the window,    measure the Window Recess width. You need to go on inside the window. Write down your width measurement.

Step 2: To measure the window height, if you do not have a net wire or tension rod in position,  you can either simply measure the complete window recess height. Measure from the window ledge all the way to the top. It’s good idea to measure this in a couple of places and take the smallest height.

Step 3: If you already have tension rods or net wire in position, we recommend you measure from the sill to the top of the wire/rod and add on 1cm or ½ inch. So for example, if it measures 120cm from your window ledge to the top of the wire, you add on 1cm so your measurement will be 121cm. 

Step 4: This is because whatever height your order is the same height we make the overall net curtain. However the top of the curtain fabric, finishes 1 cm above the top row of stitching where the rod goes through. You can see this below. However please note whichever height you order, we make this the fabric height when it lies flat on our work tables. When you put the tension rod through this because it has an approx 18mm diameter it will automatically lift the net curtain up approx 10mm from the sill.

1cm between top row of stitching and top of curtain

or you can see the top section while hanging at the window here:

while hanginf at window

Step 5: If you follow these instructions (measure from sill to the top of rod/wire and then add on 1 cm) You will end up with a gap of approx 10mm or 1 cm or  (1/2 in)  at the bottom between the window sill to the bottom of the net curtain.

Step 6: Then enter your window reveal sizes in the curtain calculator. And select the gather you would like. Our curtain calculator will work out the net curtain fabric width automatically for you. If you already have nets and you know what the fabric width is for example 300cm - if you select Gather = 1 We will make the curtains so the fabric width is also 300cm so it will be the same as your original curtain.

How to Measure for Nets with slotted Top and Bottom

(this is perfect if you are hanging them on a door and you would like to slide the nets through the top and bottom of the curtain to stop it from moving when the door opens)

Step 1: To simply measure the height for slotted top and bottom you need to measure the distance between the two net wires or tension rods at the furthest points.  And then add on 2cm because there will be 1 cm at the top and 1 cm at the bottom. This will be the height we will make the curtain when it is lying flat. Please take the distance from the furthest points. So if you look at the example below: you will see that it is 20 cm from furthest points of the two rods. So you would then need to add on 2 cm to allow for the top of the curtains so you would need to order 20cm plus 2cm = 22cm . so window height 22cm.

  1. measuring slotted top and bottom

How to Measure for Net Curtains with two inch curtain tape.

Step 1: As before which ever height you enter is the same height that we will make the curtains when they are lying flat. With the two inch curtain tape there is two different rows you can place the curtain hooks into. you can see this picture below.

2 inch curtain tape

Step 2: You can put the hooks in which ever row you prefer. However generally the most popular is the top row. When the curtain is hanging the top of the curtain is very close to where the hook attaches the to curtain pole ring or track. See below.

curtain hanging

Step 3: Therefore when you are taking your measurements for the curtain height. We would recommend you measure from the bottom of the hole where the curtain hook goes in, to where you would like the curtains to finish, when hanging. For example measure if inside recess measure to 1 cm above window ledge or if outside recess, 6 inches below window sill or where you would like curtains to finish. Which ever height you order is the fabric height we will make the curtains.

measure from here to where you would like curtain to finish

How to measure Net Curtains in a bay window

Step 1: There are two ways to do this you can either seperate the window into three seperate windows left/centre/right of we can make one large curtain and you can measure the complete window and take this as your window width. This is a video below explaining how we measure 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

1. How much wider than the window should net curtains be?

There are many different options for gather - Single, 1.5 , double, 2.5 or triple. It is customers own choice and the more gather means more net curtain fabric so will be more expensive. However generally we find the most popular option is double. Therefore if a customer is ordering 100cm window width they would need 200cm of fabric. If ordering on our website please enter the gather you would like and the caculators will work out the fabric width and price for you.

2. What are the drop sizes for net curtains?

These can be custom made any drop from a small cafe net curtain which may only be 12 inches or 30 cm all the way up to a massive 300cm drop. This can vary slightly from design and some designs are only available in maximum 229cm or 90 inch drop. You can also get standard drop but these are not very accurate and vary from 91cm - 229cm

3. Should net curtains touch the window sill?

This is customers own preference, if fitting inside the recess we would recommend a 1 cm or half inch gap. So not touching window sill looks more professional.

4. How much extra do you allow for net curtains?

For the height the top of the curtains finish 1 cm above the net curtain wire or tension rod. So if unsure how to measure the height measure from the sill to the top of wire and then add on 1 cm . This is the height we will make the curtain. However when you slide the tension rod through this will lift the curtain up approx 1cm so will not touch the sill

5. Do you double the width for net curtains ?

This is the most popular choice. and our curtain calculator will work this out for you. So if you have 100cm window width and choose double gather your fabric width would be 200cm.