How to clean net curtains

At some point, you need to decide that your modern net curtains need some cleaning to look just as perfect as they did when they first arrived. However, it is important to follow the correct advice in order to avoid damaging the delicate net fabric. Most modern net curtains can get dust and dirt on over time.

We recommend wash net curtains regularly to keep them looking fresh and clean.
We recommend you too hand wash net curtains as this is significantly less likely to cause any damage to your net curtains than using a machine washing .
Follow these steps on how to clean net curtains some TLC:

1.     Take your net curtains down

Lie them flat and double check for any dirty marks or tough stains which could be from dead insects, or dust and dirt etc. If you do find any we recommend using Astonish Fabric stain remover. This helps whiten the net curtains Please note this is done at your own risk spray the dirty areas and then give them a very light rub and you will see the marks disappear. Please note this only works on white fabrics otherwise you may leave a water mark and if you are unsure how to use this, test this out on a small mark first and follow the instructions on the back of the bottle. Always follow the instructions on the back of the bottle. Please note only rub very lightly or you could damage the fabric.

Astonish Stain remover

Dirty Marks

Spray and soak for 30 seconds

very lightly rub
2.     Fill a bowl with warm water

Instead of using a plastic bowl. If your net curtains are huge you could also use a bath as an alternative. Step 1 is to fill the bowl up with Lukewarm water . It is important that the temperature of the water is below 30 degrees. You can use natural recipes such as lemon juice/baking soda or soak them in Vinegar. However after doing several tests we found a washing power such as Persil Non bio gave great results. Then add 40 ml of Persil Non bio washing up liquid (or similar)  and give it a good stir with a wooden spoon, so it is mixed in well with the water.

warm water and persil washing liquid

Read the washing label

40 ml washing liquid

Wooden Spoon

use marigolds to move net curtains around in water
3.     Add your net curtain to the bowl and leave to soak for around 15 minutes .

If your skin has allergies we recommend wearing marigold gloves. You can agitate gently the net curtains round in the water but it is important not to rub or scrub the material or this can damage the delicate fabric. Then let the curtains soak for 20 - 30 mins

rinse bowl 

4.    Rinse the Net Curtains

After you have let the curtains soak, you then want to remove any laundry detergent bubbles from the delicate fabric. Then get another bowl of water but this has only water in it and is used for rinsing. Therefore you can Rinse your net curtains and get all the soap out – this step is very important. You must rinse your net curtains until the water runs clear as any dirty water left may stain the net curtains.

5.    Remove excess water by lying them on a towel

After removing the nets from the water. we recommend taking them out of the water and lying them flat on a soft towel to help them to dry. Then gently fold over on top of the net curtain to get rid of any any excess water

lie nets on towel
6.     Please note. Do not wring your net curtains to dry them

It is really important not to wring your net curtains! As this can damage them.

7.     Dry your net curtains

We recommend hang your net curtains back at the window to dry naturally. It is worth cleaning your windows before hanging the net curtains back up. We would also recommend putting a towel on the window sill to catch any water that might drop down. Never tumble dry net curtains.

p[en window and let the nets dry naturally

If you have any questions about how to clean net curtains, please contact us by email on support@woodyattcurtains.comor phone us on 01953 889215


Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Can I tumble dry my net curtains?

No – we advise never tumble drying your nets.

Can I wash my net curtains in the machine wash by net curtains in a washing machine?

We recommend washing your net curtains by hand. If you machine wash your net curtains on a delicate cycle this may cause your net curtains to shrink.

Can I scrub my net curtains when they have soaked?

No – this could damage the delicate fabric.

Should I wash my net curtains in cold water?

We recommend using warm water, soapy water – the temperature of the warm water should be no more than 30 degrees.

How to whiten your net curtains?

If you would like to make your net curtains white you could use a pre treatment wash and use a special whitening washing powder. Tesco have Oxy Power stain remover for Whites or you can get other brands aswell. you could pre treat your net curtains and give them an extra cycle and this should make a big difference if your are trying to whiten net curtains