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Bamboo White Vertical Blinds 89mm wide slats

Supplied with all necessary fixing brackets. Very easy to install

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Hand-stitched vertical slats

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Hand manufactured in the UK

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    There are two ways to measure the width either the Recess Size or the Blinds Size. To measure the Recess Size. Simply use a metal tape measure and measure the complete Recess from the inside of the window. There is a 10mm allowance (1cm or approx 0.5 in) for the difference between the recess size and the actual blind size. This gives you 5mm space on each side. So for example if your recess width is 113cm the actual blind width will be 112cm. The Blind width is the complete width of the headrail at the top of the blind.
    There are two ways of measuring the Height. Either the Recess Height or the Blind Height. For the recess height you need to measure the complete recess from the window sill to the top of the lintel. The difference between the Recess size and the complete blind size is 20mm (2cm) . So for example if your window recess is 112cm, your overall blind height from the top of the head rail to the bottom of the slat will be 110cm. Therefore you will have a 20mm (2cm) gap between the bottom of the slat and the window sill. If you enter the Blind Size, This will be the overall size from the top of the head rail to the bottom of the slat.
    Control Side
    This is the side of the blind you would like to have the opening and twist chords
    The stack is where the blinds slats go, when the blind is open to let plenty of light in. A Split Stack is when the blinds split in the middle and evenly go to each side.
    Top fix brackets are used if you are fitting the blind inside the recess. Side Fix brackets are L shaped brackets and are used if you are fitting the Blind on the outside of the Recess

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Size: 137cm x 117cm

The Bamboo White Vertical blinds have a "grass like" design on the fabric.   The slats on  these vertical blinds are 89mm wide.   Controls can be on either the left or right side and there is a choice of top or face fix, dependent upon whether the blind is being positioned inside the rcess or on the outside.  You can choose to have the Stack on the left or right side, or split. These blinds are also avialable in Cream.



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