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How to Measure for Net Curtains and Voile's

Below is our video guide on how to correctly measure your window before ordering your Net curtains or Voile's. This video is only 2 minutes long and has already been successful in helping our customers with measuring.

In a hurry?

If you dont have time to watch the video then scroll down or click HERE and follow the steps below.


Before we begin you will need the following items:

  • A Metal tape measure, fabric tape measures are ok however can stretch over time an be unreliable.

  • A pen or pencil to write down you measurments.

  • Some paper or a note pad to write your sizes on plus any notes.

Measuring Tips

A top tip for when recording you measurements is to make sure you clearly label which measurement is for the width and which is for the height. It will also be helpful to yourself if you also write down which window they are for and enter this in the 'window Ref' box when ordering, this is because when we create you order each curtain will be packaged & labeled for which room or window they belong to.

When it comes to measuring its best if you stick to using the same units for all of your windows. This will make it easier when placing your order and help prevent any confusion.

As a rule we work in centimeters as they are a more accurate measurement however we can work with what ever unit of measurement you choose to use.

In this guide we are going to explain how to measure for Net curtains when hanging with either a net wire or a Net rod. All you will need is a metal tape measure and a pen or pencil, with a note pad to write down your sizes. We recommend using a metal tape measure as over time a fabric measures can stretch.

Measuring the Width

Start by measuring the width of your window, do this by measuring from recess to recess or left to right as shown in picture 1. Most customers opt for double gather so the width of your window doesn't have to be exact as long as its approximately the right width. The only time this is different is unless you are ordering a single gather curtain an then you have to measure as exact as possible.

Measuring the Height

Measuring the height of your window is important. Its really important that this is done accurately as this will be a lot more obvious if it is wrong. There are many different examples of how to do this however we recommend one of the two following. Measure the complete recess height as shown in picture 2, or from the top of your recess down to where you want the curtains to hang to.

Alternatively If you already have nets or voile's at your window and are happy with these sizes, to measure those and use these sizes.

We recommend measuring the height from 3 places on your window an going with the smallest, this is because some windows can be different from one side to the other.

If you have a wire or rod up measure CM above that, this is because our curtains are made with a delicate CM frill above where the curtains will sit on a wire. This is shown in picture 3.

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