Voile Panels

Voile panels are a great, simple & modern way to dress any window or door.  Our selection of voile panels are available with an eyelet header (with tiebacks) as well as a slot top where you can put a rod or a wire through. The eyelet panels are available in many different colours and designs which will match any decor, traditional or modern. These simple voile curtains will give you privacy but still allow light though you windows or doors into your room and still allowing you to see outside into your garden. Voile curtain panels are sheer curtains which enables you to gain privacy in your home without blocking light out. The panels are very stylish and can even protect your furniture from harmful UV rays.


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  1. Orlando Pink Voile Panel - Small
    Orlando Pink Plain Voile Panel
    from £4.65
  2. Hawaii cerise small
    Hawaii Plain Cerise Voile Eyelet Panel
    from £10.72
  3. Hawaii Plain Lime Voile Eyelet Panel sml
    Hawaii Plain Lime Voile Eyelet Panel
    from £10.72
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