The Future of Curtains - Nets2go 2008

Computer Programmer - ASCII Curtains

This curtain below is perfect if you have a love for computer programming and also like  net curtains or Voiles. This is an amazing ASCII curtain by designer Nieke Sybrandy . The computer code has been rearranged so that when it is printed onto the fabric it immitates a tree branch. From a distance you do not realise it made up from thousands of ASCII characters. This is a worthy addition to any tech lovers home.

Computer program curtains

 Magnetic Curtains

Florian Krautli is a swiss designerwhich invented a new type of window coverings using hundreds of small magnets which have been attached to the fabric. This makes the curtains increadibly flexible and means that they can be arranged to any shape. One advange of this is that there is no needs for Chords to open and close so it is very Child friendly. A simple but very effective creation.

Magnetic Curtains

Liquid Crystal Curtains

Here is a completely different concept of how curtains could work. Instead of the usual opening and closing of curtains this is a completely new concept to gain privacy.

Japanese Micro Reactor Co Ltd, the future of curtains will be .... plastic. This plastic will be manufactured from a unique material which can turn opaque at the flick of a switch. The way this works is some special liquid crystal molecules which switch as an electric current passes through them . As soon as the settings are changed the material can instantly change its appearance from transparent to opaque.

Liquid Crystal curtains

Energy Curtains

This enery curtain was developed in 2005 by Swedish research project STATIC. This has a special fabirc using a combination of sollar collecting and light emitting materials. The self powered effect means that the material can store energy during the day and then release this at night by a soothing power saving light source at the surface of the material.

Energy Curtains

Educational Shower Curtains

Finally Shower Curtains, Instead of having a relaxing wash do you ever think you could multi task and improve your general knowledge at the same time? Well this is now possible! While washing you could either learn the period table or brush up on your Geography skills by looking at this world map. Or by learing a new language such as French or Spanish.

Educational Shower Curtains

Wii Remote Controlled Curtains

Do you like playing with your Nintendo Games Console ? Then these curtains are perfect for you. These Ninentendo Wii Remotes have been adapted to they can be used to remotely open and close your curtains without having to get out of your chair. See the Video below.


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