Love isnt Blind - Nets2go 2008

We occasionally may have cool customers, and do work for film studios or BBC. However it is very rare for us to have news stories from the products we sell. Net Curtains and other soft furnishings do not get journalists very excited lol. Here we have one of the strangest customer requests we have ever had. Please note we have changed the customers name and these photographs were taken back in 2008 when our company used to be called Nets2go so you will notice the trends have slightly changed since then :-)

Quite often we receive enquiries for custom made blinds or curtains, designs ranging from patterened net curtains right through to Elvis covered Blinds, However about 8 weeks ago we had one request that had unprecedented interest.

"So .... Sorry, you will have to run that by me again Mr Schofield. I dont think I caught it all"

"Ok. So basically I have 9 windows all needing wooden blinds. On each of them I would like you to print, paint, or whatever it is you do a different logo"

"All these logos all belong to website? Is that correct?"

"Exactly. I can email them all over to you now if that helps"

So he did. As soon as the email came through, the office (Who spend a lot of time online) had a lot of confused laughter and interest. Why. We will let you look at the photos below.

These are all genuine photosof completed blinds for Mr Schofield who game us permission to take the photographs and publish the story. 

However the sting in the tail was several weeks after the blinds were installed Mr Schofield seperated from his wife.

Mr Schofield said "It was coming anyway, however my design choice for the blinds was pretty much the nail in the coffin. She doesn't understand the Geek in me. And Anyway the only one she had every heard of was Youtube\" See photos of the blinds below ....

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