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Macey White Plain Voile

  • Cost from £3.46 per square mtr
  • Measuring Tip: if you already have net curtains: we recommend you measure from the window sill to the top of the rod/wire and then add on 1cm. So for example if it measures 115cm from your window sill to the top of the wire, we recommend you enter: Window Height 116cm. Or if measuring in inches add 1/2 inch above the wire, so for example if it measures 45inches from the window sill to the top of the wire enter: Window Height 45.5 inches.

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from £3.46
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Product Description

Macey is is a plain white voile net curtains with a lead weighted hem along the bottom. The difference between a voile and a net curtain is that the fabric is much finer and there are more threads per a square inch. These curtains are available in long drops up to 108 inches (274cm) so it is suitable for very large windows. The Macey design is also available in a Cream Colour. Here are some more details below:

Macey - Different Gathers Available

  • Gather: There is an image below which shows you the different gather options. This is entirely the customer's own choice. At the moment double gather tends to be the most popular as this offers good value for money. Some people prefer to have 2.5 or triple gather; however this will be more expensive because this will require more fabric. Look at the photos below and see which option you prefer.

Macey Different Gathers

  • Sizes: This is made to measure so we can make it any width and any drop up to 274cm high.
  • Heading Type: 3.5 cm slotted top with 1 cm of fabric above the top row of stitching. (So the fabric will finish 1cm above the wire or the rod) . The slotted top will easily fit net wire or any type of tension rod. There is also an option to have 2 inch clear curtain tape stitched to the top of the curtain giving you the option of fitting this to a curtain pole or track.
  • Manufactured in: Britain Small UK Flag
  • Fire retardant: not fire retardant
  • Bottom Hem Style: High Quality lead weight stitched along bottom edge. This is approx 5 mm or (3/16) Inch wide.

Macey Lead Weight Close up

  • Pattern repeat: none (This is a plain design)
  • Composition of material: 100% Polyester
  • Washing instructions:  Hand wash in luke warm water and hang to drip dry
  • Colour:  White