What's the Difference between a Net Curtain and a Voile

We often get customers ask us what the difference is between these two types of fabric as sometimes there can be quite a difference in price.

This Video below explains what the difference is between net curtains and voiles

The main difference is how they are manufactured, Net Curtains are. made from a knitting process and voile curtains are weaved. This means that in general net curtains are a bit more course material where as voiles have a more silky finish. 

Please look at the close up below and when you zoom in this is what the fabric looks like As a rule, Voile curtains have a significantly higher thread count per inch of fabric than a net. An example of this is our Eva Net curtain and Macey Plain White Voile. The Macey has 4 times the threads than the Eva. This is shown in the pictures below.


Net Curtains vs Voiles different thread count

However when you zoom out and are looking at a distance if you look at two different plain net curtains or voiles, from a distance it is more difficult to tell

For example Here is our Plain net Curtains bellow - called Eva

Eva Net Curtains

And here is an example below of a plain Voile curtains we sell called Macey

macey voile

The main difference is the macey (voile curtains) is a finer fabric and has a slightly more silky feel when you touch it

Here is a close up image of our macey Voile:

1 inch macey voile

  • This shows the quantity and density of the threads in our macey voile. This fabric is the base fabric for most of our voile embroidery designs.
  • Voiles are made from a weaving process.
  • Most voile's are made with a much finer thread leading to a silkier fabric with a more fluidic movment.
  • Voiles are the fabric of choice when wanting to add embroidery

Here is a close up of our Eva Net Curtain

one inch net close up

  • This shows the same size piece of fabric but cut from our Eva Net. The make up of nets can vary drastically depending on the pattern.
  • Nets are made from a Knitting process.
  • The threads used in the knitting process are thicker.
  • Nets tend to be a stiffer fabric compared to voile's.

Voiles (A) & Muslin fabrics (C)

Voile Vs Net Compare

We get asked alot, what is a Muslin voile? A Muslin voile shares all the same traites as a regular voile, they are still weaved and have a higher thread count than a net. Muslin is made with a slightly thicker thread offering alot more privacy than a standard voile. Muslins are a good choice is you are looking for the feel an flexability of a voile but something that offers more privacy.

The image below shows the comparison between a Macey Plain White Voile on the left and our Kylie Muslin on the right.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

1. Can you see through voile curtains at night?

Yes people who are outside will be able to see through net curtains or voiles at night time into the room. This is because the lighting contrast from outside (dark) and inside is bright. If you would like privacy at night time we would recommend some proper curtains, or blackout curtains if they are for a bedroom

2. Is it old fashioned to have net curtains?

It depends on what type of design you choose. Currently there is a wide selection available from different types of plains either a lead weight to help them hang nicely or an envelope bottom to designs on with leaves. However there are some designs that are more traditional that some people may think are old fashioned but that is their personal taste. If you choose to have voile curtains instead these can look slightly more modern because there is a wider range of threads and yarns

3. Can Neighbours See through net curtains ?

During the day time when it is light outside, net curtains do provide a lot of privacy. If there is a bright florescent light bulb on inside the room, you may be able to see this on the ceiling (if it is switched on ) , this is only if you put your face right up to the glass. However the net curtains do provide a lot of privacy and you will find it very difficult to see anything inside the room. Even if you are very close to the window outside.

4. What is the point of net curtains ?

Net Curtains are a cost effective way of providing privacy to the home owner during the day. Which can make them feel safer when at home and not worry about nosey strangers peering in. Also making the inside feel much more homely. They are also much cheaper than the blinds equivalent.

5. What is the difference between Voile and Sheer Curtains ?

The difference between voile curtains and net curtains is that they are manufactured differently. Voile curtains are woven instead of knitted. Voiles have a higher thread count and the material is much more fluid and have a silky feel. Voile curtains will need to have the edges finished off such as side hems or the edges will fray. Sheer Curtains are generally referred to because the fabric is transparent and home owners can easily see outside.